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Sustainability is a part of Pejego Tours business strategy and our day-to-day operations. As part of our work philosophy, the concept of sustainability has always gone hand in hand with the company; we are aware and act on the premise of using our resources in an intelligent and effective way, minimizing waste and the footprint on the planet. 

With this strategy in mind, we are happy to announce that we are a Travelife Partner!

Travelife Partner

We organize your tailor-made adventurous vacation to the 3 Guianas in South America; Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana.

For those who are traveling with the family, as a couple or alone looking for a unique adventure in the three Guianas.

Do something different in South America!

And make memories for a lifetime during your holiday. Bake your own Cassava bread, taste fresh tropical fruits, dance on cultural music, and get wake up calls from wild animals. Get a taste of the history of the Guianas, and do a Mangrove tour. Ride on a Quad bike off the beaten track and go Kayaking on dark waters in the Amazon jungle. Hike mountains, enjoy the sight of waterfalls, come face to face with wildlife, a real adventure! We combine all these adventures in the 3 Guiana tour, so you can have the best vacation in South America that you ever had!

Why choose us? Because we always deliver on these 8 promises!

  1. Pejego Tours is 100% local
  2. Eco-friendly tours
  3. Customized trips & flexible flights
  4. Personal greetings and private airport service
  5. 24/7 on-tour support also in Dutch
  6. Pejego Tours developed her own City and River map
  7. We bring you in contact with locals
  8. Independent local experts

The experience of a lifetime in South America?

Spending your holidays in the Guianas will give you that!  Admire the Kaieteur fall, that’s named after a Guyanese Amerindian Chief, visit the Rocket base center in Kourou, and visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Suriname.

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