Seven Exotic fruits of the Guiana Shield

The Pejego Tours’ team is crazy about delicious food and what is nicer than taste new fruits in an exotic country? The Guiana Shield has all kinds of fruits that you do not know yet. In Guyana, the Golden Apple is the national fruit. Suriname does not have a national fruit but fruits from my dad’s garden are the best! Want a bite?

The 5 cuisines of Suriname

Suriname is rich in various cultures, therefore, you can find food from all over the world! Taste Creole, Hindustani, Javanese and Chinese dishes. Be enticed by Maroon and….

Markets in Suriname

If you want to mingle among the locals, go to one of the many markets of Paramaribo. People come here to buy their daily necessities. Tania, will take you along 4 markets in Suriname…

Family holiday to Suriname

Adventurous Suriname with cute sloths in the jungle and traces of Dutch settlement in a tropical climate is an ideal combination for an unforgettable experience with teens. Spot Dolphins, Sea turtles, go kayaking, quad riding..

9 things to do in capital city Paramaribo

While on vacation in Suriname you can explore Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname. We listed a couple of places to visit which you can do on your own, with our City map or with a guide. Discover fascinating historical elements…

Tailor made holidays for solo and group travellers

Are you travelling alone or in a group? Looking for a place where you can make custom made vacations? Pejego Tours makes custom-made vacations…

Experience the Culture of the Maroons and the Amerindians

You may have already heard that the Surinamese culture is quite diverse. As diverse as Suriname’s culture is, there are two cultures you should and definitely will experience…

The Guiana Shield, A Unique Destination in South America!

Pejego Tours brings you to the unique 1.7 billion-year-old Precambrian geological formation in northeast South America that forms a portion of the northern coast…

10 must-see animals in the Guianas during your trip

During your trip to the Guianas, you will for sure encounter some of the animals we write about in this blog. Such as Dolphins, Monkeys, Lizards, Parrots, Sloths and much more…

Take charge of your own life! If Elisabeth could do it in the 18th century, you can certainly do it in the 21st century!

In the 18th century Elisabeth Samson was a great black women entrepreneur (freed slave) and very rich! And still, she could be a role model for many young ladies nowadays because they can learn so much from her perseverance! Can you imagine this!

Working together with Footprint travel, bringing tourists to the Guianas!

Tourists can travel on their own time, and enjoy their vacation without worries. We look after you from the airport to the airport!  I started my …

Surinamese Carnaval, de Avond Vierdaagse, every year during Easter!

During the annual Avond Vierdaagse – a traditional walking event – you will experience carnival in a sporty Surinamese…

Guyanese cuisine, what not to miss while visiting Guyana

In Guyane, it is not a tradition to have a starter and dessert. The main dish usually consists of fish or meat with rice…

More than 14 languages in Suriname!

Suriname is very rich in various cultures. About 500,000 people live in the smallest independent country in South America and speak more than 14 individual languages. Unique or…

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