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Community-based Tourism in Suriname?

I think this caption raises many questions such as; what is community-based Tourism, is this a part of sustainable Tourism, what is sustainable tourism, and do we have community Tourism in Suriname? Want to know the answers..

Creole cuisine in South America. We offer 3 destinations also knowns as the 3 Guianas. Let Pejego Tours organize your vacation for you.

Cuisines from all over, in Suriname!

Suriname has 500.000 inhabitants and more than 7 different cultures, therefore, you can find food from all over the world! Taste food from Africa, India, Java, China, Libanon, Brazil and much more. Be enticed by Maroon and….

6 Exotic fruits of the Guiana Shield

Do you want to taste tropical fruits in an exotic country? Tasting the national fruits will be a bonus then! Nothing is nicer than eating ripe fruits in the tropics directly from the tree in my dad’s garden!

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The Amazon Rainforest in Delft?

Due to Covid-19, we can not travel to our favourite destination! That’s why Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries brought the Amazon rainforest to us, in Delft in the Netherlands! Learn more about the 3 Guianas in the Amazon; Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana through ART!

maps of Cuba and Suriname

5 reasons to visit Suriname & Cuba together!

Do you want to visit 2 continents in 1 holiday? Visit Cuba an island in the Caribbean known for its rum, cigars, vintage cars, and swinging music on the beaches. Continue to Suriname hidden in South America and meet …….

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I did not choose tourism, it chose me! Words from our wildlife guide Steven!

In an interview with Steven a freelance guide from Pejego Tours, he tells about his career as a guide and the most dangerous animal in Suriname that he encountered! Do you want to know the most beautiful place and animal in Suriname? Read on…….

i love suriname letters

My DREAM came true in Suriname!

These are the words of mister Boelie who went on a solo vacation to Suriname including an ‘8-day back to basic’ trip to the Kasikasima mountain. During our interview, he told me about his adventures in the Amazon rainforest….

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My reasons why YOU should visit French Guiana!

I visited French Guiana many times and want to share my experiences with you! Visit the exotic country French Guiana, taste fresh ripe fruits on the market,  spot sea turtles…

solo private tour during at night adventure

Traveling SOLO to Suriname?

If you are looking for a real adventure, why don’t you travel to Suriname all by yourself? No waiting on others and do exactly what you want! Make a fantastic private trip where you will have a guide all to yourself …

i love suriname letters

Interesting facts about Suriname!

I stated here some facts for you which are easy to read during your 8-hour flight to Suriname. As we know that a lot of our guests are still working until 1 day before the start of the holiday. Let your travel companion be amazed ….

noodles street food

Street food in Suriname!

Tasting street food is a good way to experience variations in cultures. So instead of your breakfast at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning taste a fresh Sate straight from the BBQ and wash it away with …..

a old cannon at a museum

Working as an Intern during COVID 19, a gift for me!

The Corona crisis has affected a lot of people badly, but for me, this was not the case! Being a tourism student at BUAS  it is mandatory to do an internship. In the last 20 weeks, I did my internship at 2 companies instead of 1…

Eco-Tourism and Pejego Tours, a must in the future!

In January, this year Pejego Tours became part of the Eco-Tourism Society (TIES). In this blog, we will explain what we will do to preserve the natural habitats and area’s in the wonderful country of Suriname. Let us start by looking into the actual definition of Eco-Tourism…..

travelinng with a backpack

What to pack for your holidays in the 3 Guianas!

Going on a trip to the tropics means that you need to pack differently than when you go to Spain! Think about the diverse weather conditions and the type of activities you will do in the 3 Guianas. Therefore, we advise you to bring…

intren sean collett in gamla

Corona hysteria and still working as an intern!

Due to the Covid-19, departed interns were urgently called back to the Netherlands, among them was intern Sean Collett.  On the 1st of April (No this was not an April fool’s joke), Wendy had an idea to bring these interns and medium seized tourism..

Tour operator Pejego tours and Covid-19

Like many other companies, the tourism sector has also been affected by Covid-19. Countries are locked and nobody is going on holiday! Entrepreneurs have to be creative during….

The Surinamese cuisine

Suriname is rich in various cultures, therefore, you can find food from all over the world! Taste Creole, Hindustani, Javanese and Chinese dishes. Be enticed by Maroon and….

Visit 7 exotic markets in Suriname

A local market is the best place if you want to mingle among the locals because they come here to buy their daily necessities. Our guide will take you along the markets so you can….

Family holiday to Suriname

Adventurous Suriname with cute monkeys and sloths in the Amazon jungle and traces of Dutch settlement in a tropical climate is an ideal combination for an unforgettable experience with teens or not?

9 things to do in capital city Paramaribo

While on vacation in Suriname you can explore Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname. We listed a couple of must-see places for you to visit. You can do it on your own with our City map as your guide or …

Tailor-made holidays group travelers

Are you traveling in a group with your family or friends? Looking for a place where you can make your own custom made vacation and travel on your own time? Pejego Tours can help you make your dream come true!

walking event in suriname

Experience the Culture of the Maroons and the Amerindians in Suriname

You may have already heard that the Surinamese culture is quite diverse. As diverse as Suriname’s culture is, there are two cultures you should and definitely will experience…

The Guiana Shield, A Unique Destination in South America!

Pejego Tours brings you to the Guiana Shield. Within the Guiana shield, you will find the three undiscovered gems also known as the 3 Guianas: Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname. 

10 must-see wild animals in the Guianas! 

During your 3 Guiana tour; Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana you will for sure encounter some of the wild animals we write about. Such as ara’s, flamingos, dolphins, monkeys, lizards….

Take charge of your life! If Elisabeth did it in the 18th century, you can do it now!

Elisabeth Samson was a great black women entrepreneur (freed slave) and rich! She can still be a role model for many young ladies…

Working together with Footprint travel, bringing tourists to the Guianas!

Tourists can travel on their own time, and enjoy their vacation without worries. We look after you from the airport to the airport!  I started my company …….

Surinamese Carnival, ‘de Avond Vierdaagse’, every year during Easter!

During the annual Avond Vierdaagse – a traditional walking event – you will experience carnival in a sporty Surinamese way while on holiday in Suriname!

Guyanese cuisine, what not to miss while visiting Guyana

In Guyane, it is not a tradition to have a starter and dessert. The main dish usually consists of fish or meat with rice…

More than 14 languages in Suriname!

Suriname is very rich in various cultures. About 500,000 people live in the smallest independent country in South America and speak more than 14 individual languages. Unique or…

tourists in village Semoisi

Pejego Tours working together with village Semoisi! 

Do You want to know How and When Pejego Tours started working with the Maroon village of Semoisi which is located in the middle of the pristine Amazon Rainforest? and why the Community based tourism start? Please keep on reading….for the right answers!

tourists in village Semoisi

Vakantie beurs Utrecht 

Op deze BEURS, waar jij de kraampjes zal afstruinen zoekende naar een leuke verre reis voor de zomer vakantie, zijn wij dit jaar niet van de party maar willen jouw wel meenemen naar onze website waar informatie te vinden is over verzorgde reizen naar  SURINAME en……en……???

anton de kom

Boek ‘Wij slaven van Suriname’ in 1934 geschreven en 2020 een Bestseller!

In juni 2020 werd het boek van Anton de KomWij slaven van Suriname (in 1934 gepubliceerd) opgenomen in de Canon van Nederland en werd meteen een Bestseller! 86 jaar later! In dit geval geldt; liever laat dan nooit, he?

kaieteur fall in guyana

Must-dos while visiting the 3 Guyanas

What not to miss while on holiday in the 3 Guyanas; Suriname, Guyana, and French Guyana. The highlights are picked out by our client Rich. So before you start booking your next vacation, first check out his recommendations…..

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