10 must-see wild animals during your 3 Guiana tour 

By: Tania van Velthuizen

June 2019

During your trip to the Guianas; Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana you will for sure encounter wild animals in the Amazon Rainforest. Such as dolphins, monkeys, lizards, parrots, sloths, and much more..So keep your camera ready!

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Animals in the rainforest

I have made a list of the 10 animals that you can spot while on holiday in the Guyanas. Our guides will do their utmost for you to see these wild animals in the Amazon jungle. But I must say they are also my favorite animals!

Colorful birds in Suriname

There are 24 subspecies of parrots, like parakeets, and macaws. Macaws (also called macaw parakeets) have remarkable red-and-blue or blue-and-yellow feathers. If you’re staying in a village or lodge in the Amazone jungle, you’ll definitely see their colorful feathers! In Kabalebo you will definitely see them!

Spotting Redibisses, Bloodcolored woodpecker, and Red Flamingos are the reason I love to sail in a boat through the Mangrove forest to visit Bigi Pan lake!

Sitting on my balcony in Paramaribo I can see a lot of birds in my garden! Especially the Amazonian Parrot who loves olives!

Listen to the Screaming Piha bird in the Amazon jungle

My favorite bird is the Busi-skowtu or the Screaming Piha, also known as ‘the forest police’. If you really want to see them you need to have patience. To hear them, that will not take long! Its song sounds like a siren and it uses it to warn all animals in the vicinity that something is coming. When I hear the Busi-skowtu’s song, I know I am in the Amazonian rainforest! If you hear this bird song and it is NOT coming from your computer or telephone, then you are also in the rainforest!!!!!!   

Sea turtles on the breach near Paramaribo

It’s pure magic to watch them lay their eggs! The sea turtles arrive at Suriname and French Guiana between March and August to lay their eggs on the beach and along the coastline. It’s a unique experience to witness this! Only in the evening or at night though, because that’s when the turtles come ashore. You’ll have to be very quiet and not use any flashlight or camera flash. The guide will use a red night light only. You absolutely cannot disturb the animals, or they will retreat to the sea. Always follow the trained guide’s directions!

Catch your own Piranha fish!

The Piranha family consists of meat-eaters that have sharp teeth and will devour its meal to the bone in no time. This is the fish most people think of. But in the piranha family, you also find a kind who meanly eats fruits and vegetables. They are are also known as vegetarian piranhas named Pacu or Tambaqui. Piranhas live in the sweet waters of South America, and the biggest one is the Black piranha. When you go on a fishing trip, you will definitely catch a piranha!

Freshwater caimans in Suriname 

For daredevils only! The Guiana Shield is the territory of 4 types of caimans. The most impressive one of the 4 is the Black caiman which is also the largest! He lives Guyana and French Guiana. My favorite is the Bril caiman or Spectacled caiman. They live in rivers, swamps, creeks, and lakes. You can spot caimans at night on adventurous boat trips in all the 3 Guianas..  … Do you dare? 

Lazy sloths in Suriname

Just relax and go slow! Sloths can be found in the rainforest, most often at Babun Island, a small island in the Brokopondo Reservoir in Suriname. But also during drives through the jungle in the mornings and afternoons, if you have sharp eyes! Sloths are truly charming animals that move very slowly and live up to their name. Now and then they will treat you to a big smile… You can’t help but smile back!

Spot pink dolphins

They are so cute! In Suriname, you can spot dolphins while you’re sailing towards the sea on Suriname or Commewijne River. Our common river dolphin is called ‘Profosu’ or ‘Guiana dolphin’. It is typically pink/grey in color and has a short snout. If you’re lucky, they might swim near the boat… Note: The dolphins can be spotted every day at the rivers’ mouths in the morning and in the afternoon.


Clever thieves! My three favorite monkeys are the Red Howler monkey, the Capuchin monkey (known in Suriname as Capucijner monkey), and the Squirrel monkey. In the Guiana Shield lives 8 different types of mammals… it’s proper monkey business! All eight subspecies are native to South America and can be spotted in Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Watch out on trips, they might steal your bananas!

Caiman lizards

Solo but strong! Caiman lizards are natively found in South America and are one of the largest species on the American continent. They live by themselves, are famous for their forked tongue, and own a powerful tail. Caiman lizards love eggs, so watch out for your chickens. PS: you can find them in Guyana and French Guiana but not in Suriname.

The ultimate wildlife experience while being pampered?

Raleighvallen and Blanche Marie Falls are for the adventurous types who want to stay in basic accommodation, relax in the river, hike a mountain and enjoy the stars at night!

Spotting wild animals and comfort? Kabalebo Nature Resort in Suriname offers exactly that! This Resort is situated in the Amazonian rainforest and really is the place to be for nature lovers. Sip your glass of wine or beer while enjoying the surroundings, sleep in an air-conditioned room and bath in warm water. 

Did you know adventurer and biologist Freek Vonk has often been to Kabalebo Nature Resort? He jumped out of a helicopter, fought with an anaconda, and was bitten by a caiman! There’s a great chance you too will spot lots of animals, like agouti, giant otters, iguanas, and tapirs. You could even be the ‘lucky bastard’ who spots the rare jaguar and perhaps wrestles with him as well… Who knows?

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Tania van Velthuizen is the owner of Pejego Tours. She was born and raised in Suriname. She studied Surinamese law and loves to travel. Before going to Europe, she worked at the Ministry of Regional Development, so she visited every bit of the Amazon rainforest. At the time, she fell in love with everything it had to offer, including the Amerindians and the Maroons, the fauna and flora. She also wrote a book on the land rights of Indigenous people and the descendants of the Maroons.

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