Corona hysteria and still working as an intern!

By:  Sean Collett

Date: 7 June 2020

The worldwide crisis COVID-19 has an impact on many interns around the globe, among them are tourism students. 18 students from Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, were called back home urgently, among them …


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 Sean tourism student Breda University of Applied Sciences 

breda university of applied sciences

18 students from BUAS in the Netherlands were also impacted by COVID-19 and among them was intern Sean Collett. Recently departed interns were urgently called back home. Wendt van Assenberg connected these interns with small tourism businesses. So in the end, these interns still, find a company to work as an intern online!

Build Your Travel Bizz and Pejego Tours

On the 1st of April (…No this was not an April fool’s joke),  Wendy van Assenberg from Build Your Travel Bizz came up with a generous idea, to connect the group of small and medium-sized tourism businesses who she worked with these desperate students! After a couple of intensive days of emailing, calling, and of course a bit of stress, between Wendy, the companies, and BUAS, Wendy managed to pull it off, and on the 14th of April, we had the big kick-off session!!!! Super awesome!! And as the manager of travel company Pejego Tours I was allowed to join!!! Yipee!!

Finding on internet


pejego tours website


I bet you are wondering what these interns did together with the entrepreneurs in ten weeks? Small entrepreneurs are often the handyman for everything within their company because they often have non (or less) members of staff. Therefore the website optimization is often at the bottom end of the to-do list! Despite the fact that these entrepreneurs really are dependent on the customers who are generated from the internet! Due to the coronavirus, the whole tourism industry is thrown over and because of that, there is more free time to work on (strategic) company activities of which the manager in ordinary circumstances won’t have time to do. The findability on the internet/ search engines is one of these things!

 After COVID -19

The interest of this findability in Google doesn’t have to be explained to anyone anymore. Search engine optimization is an activity that is most effective over the mid- and long term, and at this moment is a strategic perspective that many entrepreneurs have to take. They have to invest their time and money in activities that would put them in the best possible position for competition when the international travel industry will start to flow again in a couple of months.

Working together during Corona

Wendy van Assenberg from Build Your Travel Bizz, the interns and the entrepreneurs are following a 10-week practically oriented course in search engine optimization. This is done to improve the website and its competitive position. Good luck and stay safe everyone!

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Sean Collett is the intern at Pejego Tours and was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is studying International Tourism Management at BUAS. He spent 6 months in Birmingham and built up experiences within the hotel industry. After that, he started studying Tourism and set off for his back-office internship in Sweden where he spent 10 weeks. Sean loves to experience cultural diversity and has a real passion to learn about languages.

Home 9 Blog 9 Corona hysteria and still working as an intern, online!

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