Family holiday to Suriname

By: Tania van Velthuizen & Justin Refos

March 2019

Adventurous Suriname with cute sloths in the Amazon jungle and traces of Dutch settlement in a tropical climate is an ideal combination for an unforgettable family experience with teens, or not? Go kayaking, quad riding, spot wild animals, sleep in a hammock, bath in the river, and play football with local Maroon villagers!


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Top 9 things to do in Suriname with kids

 Suriname is unknown to the bigger crowd which makes it the perfect reason to spend your summer holiday there with your family! Book a private package where you will have more quality time with the kids and no strangers in the group! We choose a  guide with amazing cooking skills and who is child friendly, so everybody will enjoy it, even the mamma’s! I listed 9 activities which you can do as a family such as bike riding, hiking, kayaking, and much more!

Cycling near Paramaribo with teens

Kids like to move about, so take them on a bike ride to plantations. First, visit the outdoor museum Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. This is an old fort where cannons can still be found. Afterward, continue to the old plantations such as Marienburg, Frederiksdorp, and Rust & Werk. Or go the other way around, visit Pepperpot an old cocoa plantation which is ideal to do on a bike. Hopefully, you will spot an anteater or sloth in District Commewijne?

 Experience village life!

Spend the night in Semoisi, a Maroon village along the Upper-Suriname River. Go swimming and fishing with local kids. The kids speak the local language but are also fluent in Dutch. Pay their school a visit to also get a feeling of their livelihoods in the hinterland.

Spot pink dolphins near Paramaribo

Close to Paramaribo, one can spot pink dolphins. From a boat over the river, you and a guide can track dolphins. Inquisitive by nature, they can swim close to the boat and might give you a show as they emerge from the water. If you are lucky you can enjoy the sunset from the boat! Keep your camera ready!

Spotting wild animals at Brownsberg

Brownsberg is well-known for its vast number of wild animals and plants. This makes it ideal for hikes led by an expert guide. You might also hear the impressive roar of the Howler Monkey.  this is one of the 8 mammals you will encounter here. A really monkey business over there! Take a boat across the van Blommenstein lake, this is an enormous reservoir where you can see the tops of trees protruding from the water. With the help of a guide, you’ll most likely be able to spot a sloth in a tree and certainly a monkey!

 Go kayaking with your kids

This kayak adventure can be a super awesome family activity! Everybody can have their own kayak. Either you choose a one-day activity or you choose a two-day activity where you sleep in a camp in a hammock beside the river. Talk about an exotic adventure!

Hike the Voltz mountain 

A really adventurous one is the trip to the Raleigh Falls. It’s a 9-hour drive from Paramaribo, but once you’ve reached, there’ll be quite a lot to do! For example, climb the Voltzberg. It’s an intense climb, but the extraordinarily breathtaking view over the lush Amazon rainforest is worth it. Afterward, cool down in a Sula, a rapid in the middle of the river.

Every family member on a Quad?

Like the adrenaline rush? Then we recommend quad riding and zip-lining! On an ATV quad, you’ll ride through sandy and muddy forest trails, feel the breeze in your hair! Or go zip lining, on the 1500 meters of line, the longest in the country. While hanging, you’ll swish through the jungle canopy and the dark waters. After all the excitement follows a dive in the creek to cool down. Or would you rather prefer a mud bath; after all, clay is very healthy for your skin!

 Spot sea turtles at night near Paramaribo!

 At Braamspunt near Paramaribo, you can witness these amazing creatures from up close! At nightfall, you will be escorted with an expert guide to locate sea turtles. The sea turtle makes a pit, where they deposit more than 100 eggs, a number which is not unusual for them. It’ll be majestic to experience this! The guide gives instructions on how to view this impressive sight without disturbing the sea turtles. The nesting season starts at the end of January and ends in mid-August.

A ‘back to basic’ experience with the family?

Do you have a bold family with kids of age, who enjoy a challenge to test their endurance? Then a real survival eight-day hike at Kasikasima, where you sleep in hammocks, would be awesome! The river will be your bathroom and the place to catch your first Piranha fish!  For this trip, one shouldn’t mind getting dirty or even coming across a spider or snake. A real Steve Irwin adventure!

Do you want to experience all those above-mentioned activities and more during 1 vacation? Fear no more! We already made holiday packages for you, check this out!


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A trip to Suriname with your kids will give them an experience for life!


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