Tailor-made holidays for  group travelers in South America

By: Tania van Velthuizen

January 2020

Make your own custom-made group vacation! Choose different trips varying from the inner city of Paramaribo Suriname’s capital which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, visit the Amazon rainforest, fly over the amazing Kaieteur Falls in Guyana and end your tour in Pappilon’s island.


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Tailor-made trips in the 3 Guianas

If you like to experience different cultures living closely together, you should definitely include at least one of the Guianas in your next custom-made vacation. With every tour program, there is always a guide available.

Some of the destinations you can choose from in the Guianas include:

Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort

Plantage Frederiksdorp

Semoisi Authentic

Danpaati River Lodge

Nature Resort Kabalebo


Kaieteur Falls 

Devils Island

Essequibo river adventure

Private trips in South America?

Do you plan to go on a private holiday with your family? There are many reasons to travel private, from not having to rely on schedules of others or to spend time doing only what excites you most.

Traveling in a private group means more freedom to embrace or shun the ever-changing call of the wild Amazon Rainforest. Visit Devil’s Island, a space shuttle launch in Kourou, or experience the Kaieteur Falls.

Most places in the Guianas are quite safe to cross and travel alone. Although it is highly recommended to travel with a guide by Pejego Tours, just because you might get lost and it’s definitely a great convenience. The guides are child friendly and speak English.

Visit Danpaati at the Suriname River, go biking from Paramaribo to Pepperpot, and sleep in a restored colonial house at Frederiksdorp. Go on a boat safari on the Bigi Pan lake and meet locals in Nickerie. Don’t miss the night time on this lake!  Find a number of beautiful and original Surinamese style of buildings in Paramaribo or go for a boat ride to visit a village and a small-scale museum.

“Wherever you want to go in the Guianas, Pejego Tours makes it possible!”

Pejego Tours takes care of you from airport to airport! Do you want to visit all the 3 Guianas; Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana? Or only Suriname? We arrange everything for you; hotels, one- day trips, multiple day trips, and airport service in Suriname.

Just give us your wishlist and Pejego Tours will take care of it.

Check our website: www.pejegotours.com or follow us on Facebook for more information. Contact us now via our contact form.

Tania van Velthuizen is the owner of Pejego Tours. She was born and raised in Suriname. She studied Surinamese law and loves to travel. Before going to Europe, she worked at the Ministry of Regional Development, so she visited every bit of the Amazon rainforest. At the time, she fell in love with everything it had to offer, including the Amerindians and the Maroons, the fauna and flora. She also wrote a book on the land rights of Indigenous people and the descendants of the Maroons.

Home 9 Blog 9 Tailor-made holidays for group travelers in South America

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