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You could prefer to compile your trip yourself, but even for experienced travelers, this is sometimes difficult in the Guianas. Excursion programs, travel times, and exact prices are often difficult to find and it takes a lot of time to compare prices. That is why it is often easier to tailor-made your trip to the Guianas. View the steps below and you know exactly how compiling your journey works.


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Some general comments

  • Our trips require a minimum number of people to operate. If we are unable to book a full group, we may combine your party with one from another tour company. If the minimums are still not met, the trip may be canceled with little advance notice. We advise booking a private tour (except for trips with the airplane), which means the price will go up but you will be sure that your trip will be carried out as planned.
  • For families traveling together, we strongly advise booking a private trip. If the children are bored or sick the guide can easily change the activities.
  • We only travel in small groups.
  • For our 60 + guests, we take extra notes. Such as no climbing activities, enough space on the bus, and if you are on a special diet we take that into account.
  • At all our prices you will see: Starting from…this means the price can go up. This depends on the seasons, school holidays, availability of the resorts, and water level of the rivers.
  • Are you a vegetarian, lactose intolerant or do you have any food allergy, let us know on time and we will take care of you in a proper way.
  • Keep in mind in the interior their are no pharmacies so please have your own emergency kit with you and if your medicines need to be stored in a cool and dry place let us know.
Home 9 How does our website work?

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