My DREAM came true in Suriname!

By: Tania van Velthuizen

June 2020

These are the words of mister Boelie who went on a solo vacation to Suriname including an ‘8-day back to basic’ tour to the Kasikasima mountain. During our interview, he told me about his adventures trips..

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My dream trip to Suriname!

Kasikasima mountain in Suriname- South America

These are the words of mister Boelie who went on a solo vacation to Suriname including an ‘8-day back to basic’ tour to the Kasikasima mountain. During our interview, he told me about his adventures in the Amazon Rainforest. They were awesome! Here a sneak peek…

Preparation for my trip to Suriname

“For my 60th birthday, I gave myself a gift! An adventurous 8 day trip to Kasikasima in Suriname. The preparation was completely different from a trip to Spain! I needed a yellow fever vaccination, malaria tablets, and a Tourist card. Then there was the fact that you can only take 8 kg on the plane to Palemeu.

I was wondering what should I leave behind and what should I bring! So smart packaging is a must… According to the information received; enough socks, good running shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirts (2 sets) and not to forget Surinamese DEET (maskita gel), a knife, rope, tape (for that one hole in the mosquito net)! So with Tania’s checklist, I was well prepared! Especially compared to fellow travelers! They had regular sneakers with low socks (I lent out my socks to them out of pity), they had no long pants with them and got bitten to death by mosquitos. They had DEET from the Netherlands which did not help at all against the Surinamese mosquitoes!

Arrival in Suriname

As soon as I arrived at the International airport (Johan Adolf Pengel) in Suriname, I was met by the guide. He recognized me before I had the chance to read my name on the pick-up sign! What a welcome, even in Suriname I am recognized !!

After a ride in a private taxi and stopping to exchange some Euros into Surinamese Dollars, I was dropped off at my hotel. There was another surprise waiting for me in the room, a birthday card, balloons and a cake in the fridge!!!! So thoughtful full of Tania (owner of Pejego Tours)!

Departure to Palemeu by small plane

From “Zorg en Hoop” airport in Paramaribo we flew to Palemeu over the Amazon rainforest, which looked like large broccoli from above! From here the journey to Palemeu began. In the afternoon we took a walk in the area … of the resort … lovely that rest!

Sail to Kasikasima mountain

The next day my journey of 6 days started. We traveled by boat over the river to Kasikasima mountain, slept in an open camp, in a hammock (with mosquito net) where the river is your bathroom and the forest is your toilet. During this trip, you will not only become 1 with nature because it is so pure, but you will also get to know fellow travelers! For example, you help each other up and down the Kasikasima mountain! Because it definitely is a tough climb! But really worth the effort! The view…. I have no words which are enough to describe it!

The food was delicious! Fish (Piranha) that has been caught fresh and prepared right in front of us… it couldn’t be fresher! The air is so pure and your thoughts become pure when you swim alone in the river at 7 am and then sit on a tree trunk to enjoy all the beauty around you!

Make my own arrow? I thought it would be easy peasy!

I wanted to make my bow and arrow myself, as an experienced construction worker that should be a piece of cake! Well not really, because flexible wood was not so easy to cut with my knife … so I borrowed saw from the boatswain, well with that thing you could only cut butter, so also borrowed file and sharpened the saw. I had a rope with me, finished bow and arrow and later I also turned out to be a good archer! This was a surprise for me! But I enjoyed just being busy with my hands again in the sun in a beautiful pristine environment! As a thank you for sharpening the saw, I got a homemade basket from the boatsman! This gesture could not be expressed in words! The basket now has a prominent place in my house in the Netherlands, if my house catches fire that’s all I want to take with me!

Back to civilization!

The people I met in Palemeu and in Paramaribo are so sweet and kind but I think they have no idea how beautiful their country is and they should cherish it!

When asked if I missed my bed, I, unfortunately, have to answer NO, I slept so well (unlike my fellow travelers) that I am thinking about building a gazebo in the Netherland. I will be able to lie in my hammock in the summer and sleep outside in the evening!

I brought a tooth from a Pakira (forest pig) from Palemeu and made a necklace in Paramaribo. I immediately put it around my neck so that I always carry Suriname with me! Something in me says I’m going to see Suriname again! Sranan mi lobi joe! (Suriname I love you!).”

If you want to explore rivers and mountains during your adventures holiday in Suriname and get a feeling of this, check out this short movie about the end of the river with rapids.


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Tania van Velthuizen is the owner of Pejego Tours. She was born and raised in Suriname. She studied Surinamese law and loves to travel. Before going to Europe, she worked at the Ministry of Regional Development, so she visited every bit of the Amazon rainforest. At the time, she fell in love with everything it had to offer, including the Amerindians and the Maroons, the fauna and flora. She also wrote a book on the land rights of Indigenous people and the descendants of the Maroons.

Home 9 My DREAM came true in Suriname!

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