Pejego General Travel and Booking Conditions

December 2018    

Article 1 Setting up the travel agreement
Article 2 The travel offer of Pejego Tours
Article 3 Payment
Article 4 The travel sum
Article 5 Travel duration and delays
Article 6 Luggage, travel documents and travel documents
Article 7 Booking of intercontinental, regional and local flights by Pejego Tours
Article 8 Changes by the traveller
Article 9 Cancellation by the traveller
Article 10 Changes and cancellation of the travel agreement by Pejego Tours
Article 11 Liability of Pejego Tours
Article 12 Obligations of the traveller
Article 13 Complaints and competent court

Article 1 Setting up the travel agreement

  1. The traveller books a trip with Pejego Tours by completing the ‘booking form’ that he/she receives after the approved travel proposal. By returning this form the traveller makes a final booking. The travel agreement has then been concluded.
  2. The final booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours after the sending of the booking form at Pejego Tours. Please note: this only applies to the land arrangement, when changing or cancelling already booked flight tickets the conditions of the relevant airline apply. After this (after 24 hours) the final booking can only be cancelled according to the cancellation conditions as stated in article 9 of these travel conditions.
  3. If the traveller is a minor, a parent or guardian of the minor must give written permission for this.
  4. A traveller who enters into an agreement for several persons is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising therefrom. The persons for whom this agreement is concluded are each liable for their own part.
  5. The traveller is obliged to inform Pejego Tours of all personal details of himself and of persons for whom he/she has entered into the travel contract when booking. (for example; age, disability, chronic illness, diet, vegetarian). This includes, if available, the number of his / her mobile phone and email address.
  6. The traveller also has to mention details of the capacity or composition of the group of travellers he has registered that may be of importance for the proper execution of the trip by Pejego Tours. If he fails in this information obligation and this has as a consequence that this traveller (s) is (are) excluded from (further) participation in the trip in accordance with the provisions of article 12, paragraph 2, the costs referred to in that article shall be charged on him.
  7. If the traveller provides certain preferences with regard to the services to be provided by Pejego Tours when setting up the travel agreement, such as a preference for a particular seat in an airplane, the location of a hotel room, etc., the specified preferences should be taken into account as much as possible. However, no rights can be derived from this, despite any mention of travel documents.

Article 2 The travel offer of Pejego Tours

  1. The travel offer of Pejego Tours is mentioned on the website. Obvious errors or mistakes on this website do not bind Pejego Tours. Such errors and mistakes are errors and mistakes that, from the perspective of the average traveller, are or should be known as such at first glance.
  2. Pejego Tours bears no responsibility for general information in photographs, leaflets, advertisements, websites and other information carriers, prepared or published under the responsibility of third parties.
  3. In combination with land arrangements, the traveller can also book international flights at Pejego Tours. For international airline tickets, the transport conditions of the relevant airline apply.
  4. The offer of Pejego Tours is without obligation and can be revoked if necessary. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the travel sum or other errors is permitted. The withdrawal must be made as soon as possible, but no later than within 16 business hours after acceptance, stating reasons. In that case, the traveller is entitled to an immediate refund of any money paid.

Article 3 Payment

  1. When agreed on the travel contract the traveller should pay the travel sum. Payment is made by transferring the amount to the bank account of Tania van Velthuizen (manager and owner of Pejego Tours). The amount to be paid is stated in the invoice sent with the booking confirmation. If the traveller pays from abroad, the bank charges are paid by the payer.
  2. When booking, the traveller must pay 100% of the flight tickets and 20% of the remainder of the travel sum, with a minimum of 250 Euro. The airline tickets must be paid in full immediately because the airline companies directly require the full amount. The payment must be credited within 7 days after receipt of the invoice:

Bank details: GODO bank

Address: Keizerstraat no. 139 Paramaribo, Suriname

Name: Tania van Velthuizen

Account number: 109454002006

Swift code (BIC code): GODOSRPA

After the deposit has been received by us, the journey is reserved (transport, accommodations, excursions, transfers and everything else included in the trip). The remainder of the payment must be credited 8 weeks prior to departure to the account of Tania van Velthuizen. If the traveller books within 8 weeks before departure, the full invoice must be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice.

  1. In the event that a specific travel item or a particular hotel is not available, we will propose an alternative. It is possible that the costs are higher or lower, these costs will be settled with you in the final invoice. Check that the booking confirmation is correct. If something is not right, let us know right away. The invoice gives an overview of the itinerary and is also proof of booking. You will receive the vouchers and the script after arrival from our local representative or at the hotel.
  2. In case of late payment, the traveller is in default. After he has been notified by Pejego Tours in writing (by email), he still has the possibility to pay the outstanding amount within 7 working days. If payment is not forthcoming, the contract is deemed to have been cancelled on the day of default. Pejego Tours has the right to charge the cancellation costs. In that case, the provisions of Article 9 apply, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the deposit.

 Article 4 The travel sum

  1. The published travel prices are per person and only include the services and facilities as described in the arrangements of Pejego Tours.
  2. The published travel sums are based on the prices, exchange rates, levies and taxes, as known to Pejego Tours on publication, but these prices may fluctuate. In high season (February, March, July, August, October to December) the prices can be higher.
  3. Pejego Tours reserves the right, also in respect of travel agreements already entered into, up to 20 days before the day of departure, to increase the travel sum of a land arrangement due to changes in transport costs, fuel costs, fees due and the applicable exchange rates. The increase will never exceed 10% of the travel sum and will be reasoned.
  4. The traveller has the right to reject an increase in the fare of the land arrangement, as referred to in this article. He must make use of this right within five working days after receiving the notification. Pejego Tours will then cancel the travel agreement within 7 working days after getting this notification and will refund the deposit to the traveller.
  5. Different conditions as mentioned in article 2.3 apply to price increases of international airline tickets.

Article 5 Travel duration and delays

  1. The travel duration stated on the website of Pejego Tours is indicated in whole days, with the day of departure and arrival, regardless of the time, counted as whole days. Not the times stated on the website, but the times stated in the travel documents count as definitive departure and arrival times.
  2. Incidental or structural changes to the schedules and flight schedules of the airlines may change the duration of travel. With the exception of claims to any travel insurance and/or cancellation insurance taken out by the traveller, the traveller is not entitled to a refund by Pejego Tours of part of the travel sum if the departure times have changed as a result of these changes. Furthermore, Pejego Tours is not liable for damage resulting from delays. All costs resulting from a delay are for the account of the traveller.

Article 6 Luggage and travel documents

  1. The traveller himself is responsible for having the necessary documents with him, such as a passport with all validity requirements, and the required visas, proof of vaccinations and vaccinations, and possibly an international driving license. The traveller is also responsible for obtaining the necessary information from the relevant authorities and also checking before departure whether the previously obtained information has not been changed in the meantime.
  2. Opinions and prescriptions in the field of health apply to different countries. The traveller is responsible for obtaining medical information from a vaccination agency, tropical institute, GGD or general practitioner. All travellers must also ensure that the required vaccinations and prophylaxes are obtained on time prior to the trip.
  3. The traveller is also obliged to take out a valid travel and accident insurance and carry proof of this during the journey.
  4. The invoice gives an overview of the itinerary and is also proof of booking. This must be well preserved.
  5. After arrival in the country of destination, the traveller receives his / her travel documents. This consists of the script, vouchers for hotels and tickets for regional flights.
  6. The e-ticket of international flights will be sent by email before the start of the trip. The traveller must print the e-tickets themselves and take them with them on a trip.
  7. If the traveller cannot (completely) make the trip due to the absence of any (valid) document, this will be for his / her account with all related consequences. Pejego Tours is not liable for this.
  8. Pejego Tours is not liable for loss, damage or loss of luggage and travel documents.

Article 7 Booking of intercontinental, regional and local flights

The intercontinental flights required for the trip are booked directly with KLM, SLM or another airline by Pejego Tours. You will receive the booking confirmation and flight information by email. Vouchers for the local flights (within Suriname) are placed in the scenario. Booking confirmation and flight information of Regional flights (outside Suriname) are arranged by us in collaboration with Regional service providers.

Article 8 Changes by the traveller

  1. The traveller may request to change the travel contract up to 28 days before departure. If the request for change is not in the nature of a cancellation, Pejego Tours will attempt to effect this change without being obliged to do so. If a new invoice has to be sent through this change, this will result in 25 Euro, per booking will be charged, plus of course the possible additional costs of the trip.
  2. Note! In the event of a change of flight tickets, the conditions of the relevant airline apply.


Article 9 Cancellation by the traveller

  1. If an agreement is cancelled, cancellation costs will also be charged for each passenger in addition to any booking costs that may be due. Cancellation of the travel contract by the traveller must be made by email. The date on which the e-mail is received by Pejego Tours is the cancellation date. In case of cancellation, the traveller must also inform Pejego Tours by telephone. The conditions of the airlines apply to changes and/or cancellations of the tickets. In the event of cancellation, each traveller will owe the following amounts, which will be recovered from the main booker:

Up to 56 days (inclusive) before departure for the trip, the cancellation costs are 20% of the travel sum with a minimum of 150 Euro,

From 56 days (inclusive) to 28 days before departure, the cancellation costs are 50%,

In case of cancellation from 28th day (inclusive) to 14 days before departure, the cancellation costs are 75% of the travel sum,

In case of cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) to the departure day or in case of cancellation after the departure day, the cancellation costs are 100%.

  1. A traveller who is prevented from participating in a trip and who cannot claim reimbursement of cancellation costs on the basis of a cancellation insurance may have another suitable person takes his / her place, subject to the following conditions: a. the implementation involved, service providers agree with the substitution; b. that the other person meets all conditions attached to the travel agreement; c. that the other person receives a written statement (e-mail) stating that he/she has taken note of the travel program, the information provided by Pejego Tours and the general terms and conditions; d. that the request is submitted no later than 7 days before departure.
  2. The traveller and the person in its place, are each jointly and severally liable towards Pejego Tours, for payment of the outstanding invoice at the time of the substitution and any additional costs of replacement. Pejego Tours will charge 25 Euro administration costs for this.
  3. Note! In the event of a change or cancellation of flight tickets, the conditions of the relevant airline apply. A good cancellation insurance covers in many cases the full costs of cancellation.

Article 10 Changes and cancellation of the travel agreement by Pejego Tours

  1. Because of other customs, habits and a different mentality of people in distant countries, things sometimes go differently than the traveller expects. Those who opt for adventurous travel also choose certain risks. The local conditions on the destinations and the adventurous nature of the tours offered by Pejego Tours may force Pejego Tours to adjust the journey before or during the trip. Changes in travel schedules due to bad weather conditions or water level are also covered by this article. The modifications may include departing from another airport, travelling with another means of transport (if possible with the same type), travelling with another carrier, etc. Such adjustments to the travel program may result in exceptional cases and that routes, excursions, accommodation and local transport deviate from what is stated in the booked program. If Pejego Tours is forced to offer alternatives, the traveller can be assured that the quality and the intention of the trip will be maintained as much as possible. Pejego Tours will limit the possible negative consequences for the traveller as much as possible. In these circumstances, it may occur that Pejego Tours and the traveller make new arrangements about the modified part of the travel agreement, which will be regarded as part of the original travel agreement.
  2. Pejego Tours has the right to change the travel agreement on a specific part for important reasons. In that case, the traveller is entitled to an alternative trip, which is at least equivalent to the modified journey, or to a refund (of the part already paid) of the travel sum or a proportionate part thereof, in case the trip has already been partially enjoyed. If the traveller wishes to make use of his / her right to a refund, he must inform Pejego Tours within 48 hours of the notification of the change.
  3. Pejego Tours will immediately inform the traveller of all changes to the travel agreement and the circumstances that prompted it in this article.
  4. If the changes mentioned in this article occur after the start of the journey, Pejego Tours will ensure that appropriate alternative measures are taken with a view to the continuation of the booked trip. In case it is impossible for Pejego Tours to arrange this, or if the traveller does not accept the alternative arrangement, Pejego Tours will ensure that the traveller returns to the place of departure, or another place of return agreed between Pejego Tours and the traveller.
  5. In case of force majeure, including terror and bombings, war, political unrest, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, strikes or failure to comply with agreements by airlines, Pejego Tours has the right to cancel the trip within 30 days before departure and during the trip. These circumstances will be communicated to the traveller without delay. The traveller has no claims for damages against Pejego Tours on the above-mentioned grounds.
  6. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname issues a negative travel advice, Pejego Tours will take over this advice, in this case, paragraph 5 of this article applies.

Article 11 Liability of Pejego Tours

  1. Pejego Tours is liable for the proper execution of the obligations arising from the travel agreement. The obligations arising from the travel agreement also include the expectations that the traveller could reasonably have on the basis of the publications on the website of Pejego Tours, taking into account facts of general knowledge regarding the special destinations. The execution of the travel agreement must also be assessed on the basis of customs, state of the art, infrastructure and the limitations and habits that the special destinations and the adventurous character of the tours of Pejego Tours entail.
  2. Pejego Tours is not liable for damage resulting from a. Shortcomings in the execution of the travel agreement based on circumstances attributable to the traveller, including the health condition of the traveller; b. acts and influences of third parties not directly involved in the execution of the circumstances; c. loss or theft of belongings of travellers in/out of Pejego Tours rented vehicles, rooms, etc. d. circumstances that are not attributable to the fault of Pejego Tours and/or by virtue of the law or the norms applicable in society cannot reasonably be attributed to Pejego Tours.
  3. The liability of Pejego Tours is excluded in all cases where the compulsory travel, medical expenses, and cancellation insurance cover. Nor is Pejego Tours liable for damages that are excluded in accordance with international law and/or treaties.
  4. In case Pejego Tours can be held liable for loss of travel enjoyment, the compensation will never exceed a maximum of the paid travel sum per traveller.

Article 12 Obligations of the traveller

  1. The traveller is obliged to follow all instructions from PejegoTours (or the local guides on duty), in order to promote the proper execution of the trip. The traveller is liable for damage caused by failure to comply with this obligation.
  2. If the traveller causes such nuisance or burden as to make the execution of the journey more difficult, he/she may be excluded from further participation in the trip by
    Pejego Tours or the local guide who is on duty. If and in so far as the consequences of the nuisance and the burden can be attributed to the traveller, all ensuing costs will be for his / her account. In this case, no refund is granted for non-enjoyed parts of the trip.
  3. The travel organization’s obligation to provide assistance to the insecure traveller is seriously impeded if the assistance of an S.O.S. Alarm centre cannot be relied upon. The traveller is therefore obliged to take out full insurance coverage for risks that are covered by the current travel and health insurance policies.

Article 13 Complaints and competent court

  1. Any complaints must be reported to the local representative of Pejego Tours at the place where the complaint arises, as soon as possible (preferably in person or by telephone) within 24 hours. If the customer does not have a telephone or a connection himself, please inquire about someone who does have a telephone or a connection. If the complaint cannot be dealt with satisfactorily on the spot, the traveller can submit the complaint in writing (by email) and with reasons, to Pejego Tours within 30 days after returning to the Netherlands. In case the trip has not taken place, the term of one month will start on the day of the original departure date.
  2. Pejego Tours will respond in writing as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint.
  3. If a complaint is not resolved in time to the satisfaction of the traveller, the traveller can, if he so wishes, contact the competent court in Suriname up to three months after the end of the trip.
  4. Exclusively Surinamese law applies to the travel agreement and all obligations ensuing therefrom.
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