Sustainable travel & social project

Our mission is to organize trips that benefit everyone! By travelling you can make a positive contribution to your destination. Our goal is always to give you the trip of a lifetime while ensuring that your presence is meaningful to the locals where you are. And of course, we try to minimize the ecological footprint. The destination is just as important to us as the road to it!

Do you want to donate to our social project? This year we choose to help the village of Semoisi to built a pre-kindergarten or toddler room.

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Sustainable travelling

In order for Pejego Tours to commit to Sustainable Development and embed sustainability within daily operations. We developed several activities such as:

1. Nature and cultural excursions, like cycling tours, hiking tours and visit Tribal villages;

2. We offer excursions to spot animals in their natural habitat;

3. Excursions to local suppliers such as fishermen, farmers, markets, cooking class our optional.


In support of Pejego’s commitment to sustainable development, as evidenced on, we actively communicate its policy to suppliers. We expect the supplier to have read the sustainability policy and expects the supplier to initiate, or continue to develop and implement, an equivalent sustainability strategy covering the supplier’s impact on the environment, its employees and the local community.


We bring visitors and residents of a country into contact with each other because that’s the way of understanding each other’s living situation. We also offer you a look behind the scenes; for example, cook or eat at someone’s home. You arrive as a stranger and leave as a family including the tearscry.

preparing food together


We work with partners who share our values. The people who work for us are all locals, such as guides, drivers and hostesses and they receive a fair amount for their services. Where possible, we include excursions, guesthouses and (eco) hotels in our offer that are based on sustainable tourism.

locals of Semoisi and Tania


Pejego Tours stimulates accommodations to work towards a green label. If at the moment they do not have a label yet we sent them a code of conduct. We listed the accommodations we  work frequently with and which have a label:

  • Torarica Group (3 hotels), partner of SURINAME CONSERVATION FOUNDATION


Our partner Footprint Travel is one of the first travel organizations in the Netherlands, that decided to offset all CO2 emissions of our travellers. Even if a plane ticket has not been booked through them. After all, we know that you will have to fly to South America to reach us! Moreover, they not only compensate for the flight but also the hotel stays and the car kilometres driven. This compensation is used to promote the transition to Green Energy in developing countries.

Fly over the Amazon rainforest -the jungle resort Palemeu- in South America


Pejego Tours signed the Tourism Plastic Pledge. We are taking action to combat plastic pollution at our holiday destinations. So that you, other travellers and locals can continue to enjoy the untouched nature and clean beaches in the future.

River in suriname



Our manager followed the course; The code on sex tourism. Here you learn how to pick up signs of sex tourism. We also inform our clients about it and advise what to do when they suspect sex child abuse during their holiday. 


During my stay in Europe, I visited my homeland at least once a year, also taking the opportunity to visit resorts! The visits to Semoisi were always different, no guest house or hotel in the village. I was given an empty house and had to take everything with me; from hammock to the ingredients for all our meals!

Suriname is a holiday destination in South America and part of the 3 Guianas. Let Pejego Tours organize your vacation for you.

During my visit to Suriname in 2014, I told my Maroon friend Fina about this. And believe it or not, after 6 months she called me and said, “Tania mi bow 2 woso, kon bedi i kokru” (Tania I built 2 houses with beds and a kitchen). I was so happy! Now I no longer had to drag all kinds of stuff when I went to Semoisi! During the inauguration of the houses, I attend the celebration and I was the first to sleep in a house!

At my stay in Semoisi, I saw tourists from the nearby resort who were making a village walk. Then the idea came to me to train the people of Semoisi in the practical and theoretical knowledge of tourism so that the whole village could benefit from the arrival of tourists, especially women. These women are usually on their own to make money to send their children to school. After approval of the project by the village government, the SONOS foundation carried out this project together with Pejego Tours and Suriname Conservation Foundation.

In 2015, 52 villagers successfully completed the tourism training and all students received a certificate. Souvenirs are now being made and put up for sale for tourists visiting Semoisi. The Komase resort has 3 houses, a hammock camp and a large dining room. Several trips are provided by guides who are trained by us such as a village walk, visit the rapids, and making traditional food. Some trainees have also found work in the nearby resorts thanks to their certificate!

tourism trainees in Semoisi

Pejego’s social project

Pejego Tours supports the village of Semoisi located in the midst of the Amazon jungle. At the beginning of each school year, we donate sports equipment and toys to the local primary school.

Travellers can also participate in the current 2020/2021 project: “Setting up a Pre-kindergarten or toddler room in Semoisi”. Before 4-year-olds enter kindergarten, we want them to come into contact with the Dutch language in a playful way. In Semoisi the Maroon language Saramaaka is spoken. Children have a lot of trouble with the Dutch language, which is only spoken at school. Want to support this project? Please contact us.

 maroon children ins chool


Home 9 Sustainable travel & social project

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