Tours in French Guiana

French Guiana Pejego Tours – One day trips

Starting from € 94 p.p.

Trip to Saint Laurent Du Maroni 

Strolling on the market of St. Laurent you will see mostly women selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit old prison Camp Le Transportation, as French Guiana was the penal colony of France. Sail on the majestic Marowijne River, in a traditional canoe. Enjoy and relax in the waterfall of Apatou on your way back.


Relax in the waterfalls.


Visit the famous cell block of Papillion.


Sail in a traditional wooden canoe over the Marowijne River.

Price on request.

City tour in Cayenne

Cayenne the capital of French Guiana, is a small city with colonial architecture. Visit Place des Palmistes within the center a statue of Félix Éboué, the first black man who became Governor of Guadeloupe in 1936. Stroll further to the 19th-century cathedral and the 2 museums and finish this tour in fort Cépérou.


A must is the annual Carnival event!


Visit the biggest insect collection.


Experience a piece of Europe in South America and pay with Euros!

French Guiana Pejego Tours – Multiday trips

Starting from € 400 p.p.

Visit French Guiana in 3 days

Make a city trip to the capital of French Guiana, Cayenne. Walkthrough the Place des Palmistes the place during the annual Carnival event. Stroll further to the 19th-century cathedral and the two museums and finish this tour in fort Cépérou. Catch a catamaran to the archipelago Devil’s Island and visit the ruins of the former jailhouse famous from the book ‘Papillion’.

French Guiana Pejego Tours – Holiday Package

Starting from € 2130 p.p.

Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana tour in 15 days

Visit the three Guianas during one vacation! That is really an opportunity! See hundreds of birds fly by and experience the Maroon culture in Suriname. See the Kaieteurs fall in Guyana and sail to Devils Island in French Guiana. Explore 3 capital cities, looking for adventure!

French Guiana Pejego Tours – Family trip with kids

Starting from € 2183 p.p.

Visit the 3 Guianas with kids in 20 days

Visit the three Guianas during one vacation with your family! That is really an adventure! Admire Dolphins and hundreds of birds close by in Suriname while sailing in a traditional canoe on the Suriname River. Experience the Maroon culture and dance the Seketi with them. Your kids will play and swim with local Maroon kids, the guides will make sure to encounter them in the activities. See the Majestic Kaieteur waterfall in Guyana. Visit Devil’s Island  & Space Center in French Guiana. Enjoy City tours in 3 capitals; Paramaribo, Cayenne, and Georgetown. You will give your kids a life experience instead of just a vacation to the tropics!

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