Tours in Guyana

Guyana Pejego Tours – Day trips

Starting from € 70 p.p.

City tour in Georgetown

The capital city of Guyana, Georgetown is also knowns as the Garden City. The national flower is the Victoria Regia Lily and all over the city, you will find lotus flowers. See the colonial designed City Hall and St. George’s Cathedral! Visit the museum and the Guyanese handicrafts street, for that unusual gift! Visit the Manatee pond located in the Botanical Garden.


Visit the famous Stabroek market or Big market, thats sells everything under the sun.


Visit the National Museum & the Museum of Anthropology.


Drink fresh coconut water!

Starting from € 290 p.p.

Kaieteur Falls

A visit with the airplane to the Kaieteur Fall is one of the most memorable trips you will undertake. The Falls are situated on the Potaro River, a tributary of the Essequibo.  If you are lucky you can see the Golden frog, the rarely seen bird named  Cock- of-the rock and the Swifts or Makonaima Birds which nest under the vast shelf of rock.



See the Goldenfrog in the broad-leafed bromeliads.


See the Falls from the so called Boy Scout’s and Rainbow Views.


Experience the greatest scenic wonder in Guyana on the Potaro River.

Starting from € 120 p.p.

Essequibo River tour

Sail on the longest river of Guyana! The name of the river is derived from Juan de Esquivel during his trip to America in 1498. There are 365 islands in this river and one of the famous ones is Fort Island. This majestic river also holds numerous Riverside resorts such as Baganara. A lunch at Bartica village will give you a good view of this mining village.


Explore the third longest river in South America.


Sail in a special boat on the famous Essequibo river.


Visit Fort Island that was built by the Dutch.

Guyana Pejego Tours – Multiday trips

Starting from € 665 p.p.

Experience Guyana in 4 days

Experience the friendly people of Guyana. Sail on the Essequibo river and see the Baracara waterfall and walk on the Aruwai White H20 Resort beach. Make a city tour in Georgetown, visit the St. George Cathedral and National Museum. Fly to Kaieteur and visit the world ’s largest single water drop falls! 

Guyana Pejego Tours – Holiday Package

Starting from € 1423 p.p.

The best of Suriname and Guyana in 14 days

Enjoy one vacation in two countries! Spot hundreds of birds during your stay in a stilted house on a lake. Cross the Corantijn river by boat to Guyana and visit the majestic Kaieteur waterfalls by plane. Make City trips in both countries with their own typical wooden buildings. Finish your vacation in Suriname in a luxurious resort situated in the Amazon. 

Starting from € 2130 p.p.

Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana tour in 15 days

Visit the three Guianas during one vacation! That is really an adventure!  Admire Dolphins and birds close by in Suriname. Sail in a traditional canoe on the Suriname River and experience the Maroon culture. See the Kaieteur Waterfall in Guyana. Visit Devil’s Island & Space Center in French Guiana. Enjoy City tours in 3 capitals; Paramaribo, Cayenne, and Georgetown. 

Guyana Pejego Tours – Family trips with kids

Starting from € 1937 p.p.

Family trip to Suriname & Guyana in 18 days

Visit two Guianas during one vacation with your family! That is really a great adventure!  Admire Dolphins and different birds close by in Suriname while sailing in a traditional canoe on the Suriname River. Experience the Maroon culture and dance the Seketi with them. Your kids will play and swim with locals kids in Semoisi. See the Majestic Kaieteur waterfall in Guyana. Enjoy the capitals of Paramaribo and Georgetown and give your kids a life experience instead of a vacation in the tropics!


Child friendly guide.


Catch your first fish!


Enjoy your own kayak!

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