Tours in Suriname

Suriname Pejego Tours – One day trips

Starting from € 84 p.p.

Country seaside of Coronie

The exciting Mangrove tour in the center of Coronie gives you insights into the power of the sea. Walk on the seawall and breathe fresh air! Visit the creative coconut oil farmer and one of the exclusive things to do there; braid your own beautiful palm hat! Want to meet the very nice and friendly people of Coronie? Also, stimulate the local economy? Go and visit Coronie!


Walk on the seawall and breathe fresh air from the Atlantic Ocean.


Visit the Mangrove centre located in capital of Coronie.


Keep your camera ready for the enchanting old Colonial houses in this Coconut district.

Starting from € 30 p.p.

City tour in Paramaribo

Enjoy the biggest local market of Paramaribo and walk through the Old Town that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2002. Visit the Basilica, Independence Square and the unique sight; a Synagogue peacefully next to a Mosque. The oldest building in Suriname is Fort Zeelandia feel the serene breeze of the Suriname River while walking. 


Walk and feel the historical breath in fort Zeelandia, the oldest building in Suriname!


Listen to the interesting multicultural history of Suriname.


See a Synagoge beside a Hindu Temple, on the Keizerstraat.

Starting from € 66 p.p.

Commewijne bike tour near Paramaribo

For an active family trip, choose this bike trip! Cross the Suriname River in a long wooden boat, visit fort Nieuw Amsterdam where history comes to life with the canons! Bicycle through small villages with different churches and watch locals working on their agricultural plots. If you are lucky you will spot monkeys and anteaters on Pepperpot a former cacao plantation.


Sail in a dugout canoe just as locals do everyday.


Encounter animals during a bike ride on the former cocoa plantation.


Did you ever see a cocoa fruit or cocoa tree from up front?

Starting from € 79 p.p.

Unravel the history of Jodensavanne

Visit Jodensavanne that’s located on the Suriname River. This was the first and only place in the New World where Jews were granted a semi-autonomous regime in the 17 century. They were self-sufficient, had plantations and also slaves.


See ruins of Synagogue Beracha Ve Salom.


Make a small wish at the small water well.


Visit 2 cemeteries; the Jewish one & one for slaves.

Starting from € 95 p.p.

Quad driving and Ziplining adventure

Enjoy an adventure Quad drive in the woods of the savanna jungle on sandy or muddy roads and get dirty! Go zip-lining on the longest zipline in Suriname, through the jungle, and across dark waters! Cool off and end this adventure by swimming in coca-cola dark waters of the creek.


Drive your own quad!


Swim in dark waters and only feel the underwater world onder your feet.


Zipline on the longest zipline in Suriname.

Starting from € 77 p.p.

Kayaking on dark waters

Enjoy nature in its purest form and travel in your own Kayak over the Brokopondo lake on dark waters and let the rhythm of nature take over! Sail over dead trees while avoiding the many small islands this lake encounters. Make a stop at Babun island to spot animals in the trees. 


Enjoy nature in your own kayak at your own pace.


Encounter monkeys and slots.


Try to find the underwater church.

Starting from € 72 p.p.

Night adventure spotting Sea Turtles

Watch Sea turtles come out of the Atlantic Ocean, dig a hole and lay their eggs at Braamspunt beach near Paramaribo. This is a unique experience during our night adventure! 


See Sea turtles up close in there own environment.


Enjoy sunset on the Braamspunt beach.


Spot Dolphins and birds on your way to the beach.

Starting from € 79 p.p.

Swamp sailing on the Warrapa creek

This day trip is full of history and nature. Sail on the Warappa creek and encounter parts of the sugar plantation. This area on the Commewijne river was cultivated by the colonists.


Visit the Bakie museum that will give you an inside story of slavery time and attributes.


Sail on the creek that was duged by slaves.


Listen to stories of 1 of the prosperous plantations from 1740.

Starting from € 30 p.p.

Spotting Surinamese Dolphins

Admire Profusu Dolphins in their own habitat while sailing on the Commewijne River. If your lucky Dolphins will come close to the boat or give a performance!


See gray pinkisch Dolphins play in their natural habitat.


Enjoy a sunset from the boat.


Sail on 1 of the most navigated rivers in Suriname.

Suriname Pejego Tours – Multiday trips

Starting from € 465 p.p.

Authentic Village Semoisi  in 4 days

The Samaaka Maroon tribe welcomes you to their village Semoisi in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Bath and wash clothes in the river just as locals do and experience village life. Make your own cassava bread and relax in the rapids. Walk around the village  while the guide explain the history of the Maroons. 

Starting from € 229 p.p.

Hiking & sailing in Brokopondo in 3 days

Spot wildlife during this adventurous hiking trip to Brownsberg and sailing tour on the Brokopondo lake. Let the howler monkeys be your wake up call! Sail among dead treetops on the giant Brokopondo lake and if you are lucky you can spot a sloth on Babun Island. Do admire the sunset from Stone Island!

Starting from € 184 p.p.

Visit Plantation Frederiksdorp in 2 days

This plantation started in 1747 as a coffee plantation and later became a cocoa plantation. If you are lucky you can stay in a restored colonial house and enjoy the breeze of the Commewijne river. Spot Dolphins and Sea turtles and bicycle to the nearby village. Have lunch and diner on the terrace of a former jailhouse.   

Starting from € 622 p.p.

Palumeu, meet Amerindians in 4 days

You will discover the pristine Amazon rainforest in the area where the Trio and Wajana Amerindians live. Hike to the top of Poti Hill and enjoy the view over the river and mountains and visit the Mabuka rapids in the middle of the river. Maybe you can find a nice hand-made souvernir to bring home. 

Price on request.

Stay 4 days in Nature Resort Kabalebo

Nature Resort Kabalebo is a beautiful lodge in the West of Suriname in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Stay in your airconditioned room and get pampered in the Amazon jungle. This is an ideal place to spot wildlife such as Tapirs and many bird species because of the fact that their or no villages nearby.

Starting from € 273 p.p.

Enjoy Anaula Nature Resort in 3 days

Anuala resort is situated on an island in the Ferulasi rapids on the upper Suriname River in the midst of the Saramacca Maroon tribe! Enjoy the walks in the Amazone rainforest and in the village. During your stay, you can also relax in the river or swimming pool. Enjoy a canoe trip in the evening to spot crocodiles and night birds.

Starting from € 425 p.p.

Experience Danpaati Lodge in 3 days

Danpaati River Lodge offers you a dream stay in a beautiful lodge located on an island in the upper Suriname River. Overlooking the River from your own porch in a hammock, early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee should give you a good start of the day! Walkthrough the Amazon rainforest and visit a Maroon village. Enjoy their culture …. while simultaneously contributing to the village.

Starting from € 199 p.p.

Enjoy Berg en Dal Resort in 2 days

Enjoy this luxurious resort in the midst of the Amazon rainforest on the banks of the Suriname River. You can relax at the pool, and go for a walk in the area while visiting the caiman pound. In the adventure center, you can go zip lining, kayaking or enjoy a walk with a guide giving you the history of the previous Berg en Dal plantation with intriguing stories, legends, and myths.

Starting from € 266 p.p.

A 3-day boat safari on the Bigi Pan lake

Sail through mangrove forests to the Bigi Pan, a special nature reserve with the largest open water lake in Suriname. Spot birds that come here to hibernate like flamingos and scarlet ibises. Go fishing and take a mud bath. Spend the night on the water and enjoy the sunrise from your hammock! In Nickerie you will visit a small market and walk on the Seawall named  Zeedijk. This trip is ideal for bird lovers!

Starting from € 860 p.p.

5 days ‘back to basic’ trip to the Kasikasima mountain

The expedition is ideal for nature lovers who like to go on an adventure! Sail in a traditional canoe, sleep in a hammock along the river bank and hike the Kaskasima mountain. Visit an Amerindian village and explore the tropical rainforest.

Starting from € 622 p.p.

4 days Awarradam to meet Maroons

Awarradam is the perfect place for wonderful walks through the Amazon rainforest. Experience the Saramacca tribal culture, the largest Maroon community in Suriname. Float in the Suriname river and relax in the rapids. Dance and enjoy traditional Maroon music.

Suriname Pejego Tours – Holiday Packages

Starting from € 1423 p.p.

The best of Suriname & Guyana in 14 days

Enjoy one vacation in two countries! Spot hundreds of birds during your stay in a stilted house on a lake. Cross the Corantijn river by boat to Guyana where you will visit the Kaieteur waterfalls by plane. Finish your vacation in Suriname in a luxurious resort situated on the banks of the Suriname River in the Amazon. 

Starting from € 1095 p.p.

Highlights of Suriname in 14 days

Experience a wide range of birds such as Red scarlets in the Bigipan. Enjoy a former coffee plantation and sleep in a restored officer’s house. Spot Dolphins in their own habitat and watch Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Your vacation will have a splendid ending on Bergendal Resort where you will be pampered while relaxing beside the pool.

Starting from € 2130 p.p.

Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana tour in 15 days

Visit the Three Guianas during one vacation! That is really a unique opportunity! See hundreds of birds fly by on the biggest coastal lake. Experience the Maroon culture, eat Cassava bread and walk in their village. See the Kaieteurs fall up close in Guyana, visit Devils Island that is situated off the coast of French Guiana.

Starting from € 1537 p.p.

Suriname Culture & Art trip in 15 days

Visit museums in Paramaribo and in a Maroon village, Dan. See Maroon craft makers at work and walk through their village. Go birdwatching on the lake, hike the Brownberg and spot animals such as Dolphins. Sail in a traditional canoe and sleep in a restored plantation house. Explore the Inner city of Paramaribo that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Starting from €987 p.p.

Back to Nature tour in 10 days

Enjoy the Inner-city of Paramaribo, that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002. Walk through the jungle and climb the Brownsberg in the tropical rainforest. Stay in a traditional Maroon village, sail in a traditional canoe, farm cassava and bake your own cassava bread. Bath in the river just as locals do. Relax in the rapids, and enjoy village life from close by!

Starting from € 2204 p.p.

Adventures West-Suriname in 16 days

This Adventures West trip is for the die-hard nature lovers! Spot different birds on the Bigi Pan lake and Raleighvallen. Look for the Harpy eagle and the “Cock of the Rocks”, spot monkeys, jaguars, giant armadillo, tapirs, and sloths. Hike to the Voltzberg that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Enjoy Blanke Marie and relax in the rapids overlooking the Amazon Jungle.

Price on request

Surinamese Pilgrimage trip in 12 days

Attend services in different churches and temples. Visit a Pilgrimage village by boat and listen to the fascinating story of Priest Peerke Donders. Walk on the Seawall and go bird watching on the lake Bigi Pan. Experience the Maroon culture and relax at Danpaati resort. Visit Joden savanna a former Jewish settlement that has an interesting history.

Suriname Pejego Tours – Family trips with Kids

Starting from € 2192 p.p.

Adventurous Hammock trip in 21 days

Sleep in a hammock and make impressive forest walks in the Amazon while spotting wildlife. Hike the Brownsberg and Kasikasima mountain to spot animals such as snakes, monkeys, agoutis, frogs, and butterflies. Sleep in Bigi Pan, and enjoy the Red Ibis coming in flocks on the lake to eat and rest. Sail in a traditional canoe and watch the cultural performance of the Maroons, and dance along! Walk in the Inner City of Paramaribo, that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A perfect family trip with kids older than 12 years!

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