4 days Awarradam to meet Maroons

Fly to the Awaradam lodge, in a small plane, a real adventure! This lodge is the perfect place for wonderful jungle walks through the Amazon rainforest. During this guided group tour you will experience the Saramacca culture and meet locals while visiting a maroon village. Sail in a traditional boat, float in the Suriname River, sit and relax in the rapids. Admire millions of stars at night during the bonfire while listening to traditional stories. Enjoy tasty Surinamese cuisine and wiggle your hips on local traditional Maroon music, have the best summer holiday ever!

4 day trip

This is a guided group tour

This trip can only be done with an small airplane

Starting from € 622 p.p.

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Program for Awarradam to experience the Maroon culture and fly over the Amazon jungle

The locals pronounce the name as “Awaa dan”. “Awaa” (Awara) is an orange, edible palm fruit and ” dan” means rapid. Awarradam is located in the Gran Rio River, on a small island half an hour away from the inhabited world of Saramaccans, the largest Maroon community in Suriname. Awarradam is the perfect place for wonderful walks through the jungle, to ‘float’ in the river or to relax against the rocks of the rapids.

Day 1: In the morning you will arrive at the airport Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo at 10.00 o’clock with a taxi (at your own expense). Around 11.00 o’clock you will fly approximately 1/2 hour from Paramaribo to Awarradam lodge located on the Gran Rio River. 

Day 2: Today you will sail on the river along rapids. During the jungle walk the guide will tell you about the flora and fauna in the rainforest, he will also show you traditional plants that are used to cure diseases. 

Day 3: In the morning you will visit a maroon village that is located nearby the lodge where the Saramacca tribe live. Here you will get an idea about the maroon culture and how they are living in their traditional habitat. You can also support local art and buy their handmade souvenirs.

Day 4: After lunch, you will say goodbye to Awarradam and fly back to Paramaribo. At Zorg en Hoop Airport you can take a  taxi back to your hotel at your own expense.

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Walk in the Amazon rainforest.

Visit a Maroon village.

Meals and drinks (non- alcoholic).



Boat transport.



Travel insurance.


Taxi from and to the airport Zorg en Hoop.

Dinner on day 4.


Every Monday and Friday.


Awarradam lodge: Own room with toilet and bathroom with cold running water.

Based on 2 persons per cabin.

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 4 days Awarradam to meet Maroons

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