Adventurous Hammock trip in 21 days

Have you been wondering what holidays to do with teens? Then we have the perfect solution for you! During this guided outdoor trip you will sleep in a hammock and make impressive forest walks in the Amazon rainforest. Hike the Brownsberg and Kasikasima mountain and spot wild animals such as snakes, monkeys, land birds, agoutis, frogs, and butterflies. Make a boat safari on the Bigi Pan lake, see hundreds of birds fly over, and try out fishing from the balcony. Stay in a jungle resort and wiggle your hips during a cultural performance by the Maroons. Explore the Inner City of Paramaribo, famous for its colonial buildings. A perfect family trip with kids older than 12 years, led by a child-friendly guide!

21 day trip

Capital city Paramaribo

Brownsberg hill

Kasikasima mountain

Bigi Pan Lake

Anaula resort

Minimum of 4 persons

This price is based on 2 grown-ups and 2 childeren above 12 years

Starting from € 2192 p.p.

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Program of your adventure in a  hammock

Day 1: The starting point is Schiphol Airport where you fly directly to Paramaribo. From Johan Adolf Pengel airport in Suriname, you will be transferred by bus to your hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 2: By bus, you will make a 3-4 hour City tour; visit the market, historical buildings, and statues. You will sleep in the hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 3: Free day. Sleep in the hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 4: Today you will go by bus to Bigi Pan and Nieuw Nickerie. You will spend the night in a hammock in Bigi Pan.

Day 5: In the early morning we go birdwatching on the Bigi Pan and leave for Nieuw Nickerie were you will spend the night in an apartment.

Day 6: After breakfast, we will make a city tour in Nieuw Nickerie and back to Paramaribo.

Day 7: You fly from Paramaribo to Palumeu and spend the night there. At night, you will receive further instructions on the hike and climb of Mountain Kasikasima.

Day 8: Today you will sail to Tromboka sula in a dug-out canoe in about 7 hours. You will sleep in a hammock at the base camp.

Day 9: The program for today includes hiking and climbing through the jungle to one of the peaks of Mount Kasikasima, this will take approximately 7 hours. You will sleep in a hammock.

Day 10: After saying goodbye to this majestic mountain, the boatmen will take you back by dug-out canoe to Palumeu.

Day 11: After breakfast, you visit the Amerindian village Palumeu and in the afternoon flight back to Paramaribo.

Day 12: Free day. Sleep in a hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 13: Today you start your 5 day Maroon tour. By bus, you will go to Nature park Brownsberg and hike to the Irene fall. You will sleep on the mountain Brownsberg in a hammock.

Day 14: Hopefully you got a good rest because you will hike to the Leo falls and enjoy nature and wildlife on Brownsberg. You will spend the night in a hammock on Brownsberg.  

Day 15: After breakfast, we will go by bus to Pokigron (Atjoni) step in the boat that will bring you Anaula Nature Resort. At night we go searching for caimans. You will sleep at the Resort and you can choose between a bed or hammock.

Day 16: Around 9.00 you will take a village tour. In the evening you will have the opportunity to dance the Seketi on local music. Your sleeping accommodation is at the Resort.

Day 17: After breakfast, you are going back to Paramaribo by boat and bus and sleep in the hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 18: Today you will get into a boat at Leonberg, sail on the Suriname River, and try to spot dolphins. In Paramaribo, you will sleep in the hotel.

Day 19: Free day. Sleep in a hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 20: Flying back to Amsterdam. Transport to the international airport will be provided.

Day 21: Arrival at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.


The program can change due to your arrival date and set date for departure to Kasikasma/Palemeu and Anaula. 

“Wherever you want to go in the 3 Guianas, Pejego Tours makes it possible!”


Transport by airplane, bus, and boat.

Hotel in Paramaribo.

Nights in a Bigi Pan, Palemeu, Brownsberg is in basic accommodation and shared toilets and bathrooms.

Lunch, and dinner as mentioned in the program.

Breakfast during your 21-day trip.

Stay in Nieuw Nickerie / Bigi Pan / Brownsberg / Anaula /Kasikasima is full board.

Activities mentioned in the program.

English speaking guide.

Airport service in Suriname.

Note: The price is based on 2 grown-ups and 2 children above 12 years. 

  • International flight and booking fee.
  • Optional excursions.
  • Tip/fee.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Lunch and dinner on your free day and the day of the City trip.

In Paramaribo, we use different hotels and apartments. The rooms have air-conditioned each with a private bathroom with hot and cold water. Breakfast is provided and is included. The different accommodations usually have an (indoor/outdoor) swimming pool or ‘plunge pool’ so that you can take a refreshing dive. There is wifi in the accommodation, so you can keep in touch with the home front online. It is possible to leave luggage temporarily when you make a multi-day tour from Paramaribo. When you return with a backpack full of dirty laundry, you can usually do your laundry for a small fee. Do you want more luxury in Paramaribo? Then we can tailor a proposal for a 4 hotel. You can indicate this with your application.

Bigi Pan: Sleep in a hammock, accommodation is basic, shared toilet and bathroom (cold running water).

Nickerie: Own room in the apartment, sleep on a bed, shared toilet, and bathroom (cold running water) with the guide.

Palemeu: Own room, shared toilet, and bathroom (cold running water).

On the road to Kasikasima: sleep in the jungle in hammocks where the river is your bathroom and the jungle your toilet.

Brownberg: Sleep in hammock shared toilet and bathroom (cold running water).

Anuala Nature Resort: Sleep on a bed or hammock, you have your own Cabana, with toilet and bathroom (cold running water).

The price is based on 2 persons per room.

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 Adventurous Hammock trip in 21 days in Suriname

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