Highlights of Suriname in 14 days

This package holiday is filled with the best things to do in Suriname! Spot birds during the boat safari on the Bigipan lake. Sleep in a restored colonial building and listen to the history of the plantations. Observe animals such as dolphins in their natural habitat and watch sea turtles from close by. Enjoy local Surinamese cuisine and relax in the luxurious resort in the Amazon. 

14 day trip

Bigi Pan Lake

Resort Frederiksdorp

Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort in Suriname

Capital city of Paramaribo

Minimum of 4 people

Starting from € 1095 p.p.

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Program of your 14 day holiday in Suriname

Day 1: Arrive in Suriname, Pengel international airport, a taxi will bring you to the hotel. Dinner is at your own costs.

Day 2: Free day. Lunch and dinner at your own costs.

Day 3: Around 8.00 am you leave Paramaribo by car to Nickerie. The driver stops in Groningen, the capital of the district Saramacca. In between, you will have lunch. Around 14.00 o’clock you arrive in Nickerie and you get on a traditional canoe. Here you meet your enthusiastic guide, who can show you everything along the road. Via the Nickerie river and the Jamaer canal, you sail towards Bigi Pan. Enjoy the Parwa forests and mangroves along the way. These forests serve as natural protection against erosion and as a breeding ground for young shrimps. At the end of the canal, there is a huge lake, this is Bigi Pan! Houses on stilts are in the water and here you spend the night. The accommodation where you stay is simple. You sleep in a bed. But if you sleep in a hammock, you can see the sunrise over the lake the next morning; this is highly recommended! In the afternoon you can get into the boat to spot caimans, take a mud bath or go fishing. Around 19.00 dinner will be served.

Day 4: After breakfast, you will leave Bigi Pan and go by boat and bus to the capital city of Nickerie, named Nieuw Nickerie. Here you will visit the market, have lunch and head back to Paramaribo. You will arrive in Paramaribo between 16.00-17.00 o’clock. You have to provide for your own dinner. In the neighborhood of the hotel, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Day 5: Free day, provide your own lunch and dinner.

Day 6: Free day, provide your own lunch and dinner.

Day 7: Around 8.00 o’clock you will be picked up at your hotel to go by bus and boat to Plantage Frederiksdorp. There is a lot to do and see on this plantation because it is surrounded by plantations, fishing villages, cycle and hiking trails, sea beaches, mangrove forests, birds and dolphins. The guided excursions that can be made are; walking and bicycling through the village and you can also make a boat tour to spot Dolphins or Sea turtles (if in season). The activities are organized from the lodge. The guide indicates when the activity takes place.

Day 8: After lunch, you will go by boat and bus back to Paramaribo. You will have to provide your own dinner.

Day 9: Free day, provide your own lunch and dinner.

Day 10: Free day, provide your own lunch and dinner.

Day 11: At 9.45  you have to take a taxi to the meeting point (the reception of hotel Krasnapolsky) for departure to Bergendal. The drive from Paramaribo will take  1,5 hour to Bergendal. There you can participate in different activities such as zip-lining, kayaking and historical walks with a guide on the resort. For these activities, you have to book and pay on the spot. You can also walk by yourself look for the caiman pound and swim in the pool.

Day 12: Around 12.00 o’clock you will say goodbye to Bergendal and head back to Paramaribo by bus. This trip will last +/_ 1,5 hours. From hotel Krasnapolsky you need to take a taxi back to your hotel. You will have to provide for your own lunch and dinner.

Day 13: After a healthy breakfast you have free time to swim are walk on the resort. Around 13.00 hours, you step on the bus for your trip to the international airport.

Day 14: Arrive at your destination.


The price is based upon the seasonal availability of the resorts and hotels. 

This is not a private tour. 

“Wherever you want to go in the 3 Guianas, Pejego Tours makes it possible!”


Boat and car transport.


City map.

All accommodations.

Breakfast during the whole 14-day trip.

Lunch and dinner as mentioned in the program.

Entrance fees.

Airport service in Suriname.



International ticket.



Meals that are not included in the program.

Travel insurance.

Drinks in Federiksdorp.

Alcoholic drinks.


Yellow fever vaccination card.


In Paramaribo, we use different hotels and apartments. The rooms have air-conditioned each with a private bathroom with hot and cold water. Breakfast is provided and is included. The different accommodations usually have an (indoor/outdoor) swimming pool or ‘plunge pool’ so that you can take a refreshing dive.

There is wifi in the accommodation, so you can keep in touch with the home front online. It is possible to leave luggage temporarily when you make a multi-day tour from Paramaribo. When you return with a backpack full of dirty laundry, you can usually do your laundry for a small fee.

Do you want more luxury in Paramaribo? Then we can tailor a proposal for a 4 hotel. You can indicate this with your application. 

In Bigi Pan: own room with a bed, bath, and toilet share with other international guests.

Bergendal: own room with a bed and air-conditioning, and a bathroom and toilet. 

Plantage Frederiksdorp: own room with a bed and bathroom and toilet.

All the accommodations are based on 2 persons per room.

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 Highlights of Suriname in 14 days

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