Mangrove tour in district Coronie


The exciting Mangrove tour in the center of district Coronie gives you insights into the power of the sea. Visit the small community in district Coronie and local entrepreneurs such as a coconut oil farmer and braid your own beautiful palm hat! Do you want to meet the friendly locals during this historical day tour? and also, stimulate the local economy? Go and visit district Coronie!

Day trip

Starting from € 84 p.p.

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Program of your mangrove tour

At 8 o’clock in the morning, you leave Paramaribo by bus. You drive on the east-road connection towards the west side of Suriname. This ride takes about 2 hours over two bridges. You pass the Saramacca district where many farmers are active in agriculture and animal breeding. First, you go over the Saramacca and then the Coppename river. The Coronie district starts on the other side of the bridge from Jenny. Until 1999, people from the west had to cross the river by ferry, which took a lot of time. After that you continue to Totness, this is the main town. You pass by different places with English names, a remnant of the English settlers. Like Mary’s hope, Hamilton, Friendship, and Burnside.

Arriving at Totness you will be welcomed at the Mangrove Education center by the local mangrove ranger, he/she will be there for you with a cold drink. Here starts the Mangrove tour, at first you get an explanation in the center about the importance of Mangrove for coastal areas, and the exciting part; you go up to the dam to see the Mangrove in real life!

After this, you will go to a creative coconut farmer and you will learn how to braid your own beautiful hat from coconut branches hopefully, you can make it fast so you can wear it to protect yourself from the sun! You also get the opportunity to drink a fresh young coconut, that is very refreshing after a walk in the sun! Visit a traditional coconut farmer who prepares coconut oil in a traditional way…. Want to taste fresh coconut oil? This one is unbeatable with those from the store !!

Afterward, you can enjoy an exclusive and delicious Coronian lunch and have a drink entirely prepared with fresh products and fruits from Coronie itself. After you’ve recovered a bit from the super delicious food you go with the guide to take a ride on an ox cart … No no ! not a wild ride … this ox will walk quietly through the inland roads of Coronie, the guide will also give you a short history of the of Coronie. Do not forget to take a picture with your own beautiful braided coconut hat on the ox-cart of course!

After the relaxing but also a full day of history trip, you will have to greet Coronie at about 5 pm and 2 hours later you arrive in Paramaribo at the meeting point.

Want to do more during your trip in Coronie? Then we have a list of activities that can be booked locally (and paid for):

  • See a Coconut tree climber in action.
  • Have a walk along with the wonderful historic buildings (churches) in Coronie and get more information from a local guide.
  • Experience the honey processing made the traditional way as it only happens in the Coronie.
  • Visit a coconut artist in Coronie.

It is also possible to sleep there overnight (including accommodation, food, and drinks). Do you feel like it? Please indicate this when you make your booking. 

Note: It is advisable to have a maximum of 4 activities in one day unless you spend the night in Coronie because you lose an average of 1 1/2 per activity.

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Lunch and drink.

Transport by bus.




Hat or cap and sunglasses.

An ID card or Passport.

Sunburn lotion.


Restaurant T’ Vat on the Kleine water street 1, at 8.00 am. 

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 Mangrove tour in district Coronie in Suriname

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