Swamp sailing on the Warrapa creek

This guided swamp tour is full of history and nature and ideal for families. Sail on the Warappa creek and encounter parts of a sugar plantation. This area of the Commewijne river was cultivated by the colonists, who owned several plantations, so this day trip is perfect for historical tours!

Day trip

Minimum attendance of 4 persons

Starting from € 79 p.p.

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Program of the boat sailing on the Warrapa creek

After breakfast, you will drive from the meeting point to a small dock and get into a traditional boat. From here you will sail on the Suriname river, Commewijne river, and then in the Warrapa creek. You will have a fantastic Surinamese lunch and visit a small museum. The guide will tell you the history of the plantations that were in the area and the attributes that you will see in the museum.

History: The Warappa creek is a natural creek of the Commewijne river. The creek begins as a narrow creek winding its way through green tunnels of overhanging trees and continuously changing vegetation. It widens and expands into a view of unique natural surroundings. The area is home to many different bird species. The last part of the creek that is in contact with the Atlantic Ocean, was excavated by slaves. After the abolition of slavery, almost all plantations have been abandoned and this creek was silted and unnavigable for more than 100 years.

In 2007, Mrs. Marcha Mormon was looking for her roots and it appeared that they were laying on a plantation along the Warappa creek. Together with her husband Bas, they dug out the 9 km long creek in about 6 months. During excavation they have encountered so many wonderful historical sites; a sugar factory with steam engines from 1830, a steam car, old locks and gates, tombs, and the original ‘ring dams’ on which poisonous plants were grown to prevent slaves from escaping.


You can get wet in the boat!

This trip will take the whole day (8-10 hours) and departure hours are very dependable on the water level.

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Bus and boat transport. 

Lunch and drinks (non- alcoholic).

Visit plantation Reynsdorp (also knowns as Bakkie).



Bus transport to and from meeting point.


Travel insurance.



Sun protection.

Mosquito repellent.




The meeting point is at Leonsberg (Anton Drachten weg) +/- 20 minutes drive from the center of Paramaribo.

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 Swamp sailing on the Warrapa creek

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