Visit Danpaati River Lodge in 3 days

During this guided group tour you will be offered a dream stay in this lodge located on an island in the Suriname River. Overlooking the River in a hammock, early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee gives you a good start of the day! Do the Amazon rainforest tour and walk through the jungle. Visit a Maroon village, talk to the locals, and enjoy the Saramacca culture while simultaneously contributing to the village.

Choose this adventure to do with your family!

This is a guided group tour!

3 day trip

Starting from € 425 p.p.

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Program of your stay in Danpaati

Day 1: From Paramaribo, you drive 3 hours on the Afobakka and Brownsweg road, to the small harbor Atjoni. Here the upper Suriname river starts. From there you step into a traditional canoe and sail to Danpaati in about 2 hours. On the way you will see people bathing in the river, washing dishes or kids swimming. After dinner, you will spot crocodiles and night birds and enjoy the starry night!

Day 2: Today you will walk through the jungle with the local guide telling you about the flora and fauna in the rainforest, he will also show you traditional plants that are used to cure diseases. After lunch, you will visit a maroon village, where you have the chance to meet locals. Try to make conversation with people from the Saramacca tribe.  You will get an idea about a local Surinamese culture and how they are living in their traditional habitat. You can also support local art and buy their handmade souvenirs. If you are lucky there will be a cultural performance where you have the opportunity to dance the Seketi!

Day 3: In the morning you can relax in the pool or in the river. After lunch, you will say goodbye to Danpaati and go back to Paramaribo by boat and bus. You have to provide your own dinner, you can choose from the many possibilities that the center of Paramaribo has to offer: Chinese, Javanese, or something else.

A community project in village Dan

Danpaati supports the local community this means that your stay will contribute to the regional development of the economy and nature, with our extensive Care project for the elderly and children. Danpaati River Lodge is buying agricultural products, fish, and meat from local producers. Woodworkers are given the opportunity to sell their products in our lodge and carpenters from the villages are frequently used for maintenance.


You can also extend your stay in Danpaati keep in mind the departure days will differ.

Due to weather and water levels of the river, the exact arrival time cannot be given.

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Transport by bus and boat.

Accommodation in a standard cabana.

Meals and drinks (non – alcoholic).

Village tour and a forest walk.



Travel insurance.

Transport v.v. to the meeting point in Paramaribo.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when you book this 3-day tour.


In Danpaati River Lodge you will have your own standard Cabana including toilet and bathroom with cold running water and balcony.

The price is based on 2 persons per cabin.

You can upgrade your cabana to Comfort or Deluxe

Home 9 Tours to Suriname 9 Visit Danpaati River Lodge in 3 days

Contact info

Willem Anthonielaan 56
Paramaribo, Suriname
South America

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday:
9AM to 4PM (GMT -3)


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