Travel to Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana  in 15 days

Visit the 3 Guianas during one vacation! This is a real cultural experience in Latin America! Spot hundreds of birds that fly over in Bigi Pan lake such as Flamingos and Red scarlets. Stay in a jungle resort and enjoy the Maroon culture in Suriname. Cross the Corantijn River by boat and drive further to Georgetown. See the Kaieteurs fall in Guyana and sail to Devils Island in French Guiana. Explore 3 historical capital cities, and go looking for adventure in the Amazon rainforest!

Uniqiue 3 Guianas guided group tour

Capital of Paramaribo

Bigi Pan lake

Capital of Cayenne

Capital of Georgetown

Kaieteur Falls tours

Danpaati river Lodge

Minimum attendance of 4 people

Starting from € 2130 p.p.

Home 9 Welcome to French Guiana! 9 Guyana, Suriname and FRENCH GUIANA tour in 15 days

Program 3 Guiana tour

Day 1: Amsterdam – Suriname The international flight arrives in Suriname
Day 2: Suriname Historical walking tour in Paramaribo, plantation & dolphin trip by boat Breakfast lunch
Day 3: Suriname Traveling by boat and bus to Danpaati River Lodge Breakfast lunch+dinner
Day 4: Suriname Visit maroon village Dan in the Amazon rainforest Breakfast lunch+dinner
Day 5: Suriname From Danpaati by boat and bus back to Paramaribo Breakfast +lunch
Day 6: Suriname – Guyana Traveling by bus and boat from Paramaribo to Georgetown Breakfast +lunch
Day 7: Guyana Historical walk in the center of Georgetown or Essequibo boat trip Breakfast +lunch
Day 8: Guyana Visit Kaieteur fall with a small airplane Breakfast +lunch
Day 9: Guyana – Suriname Traveling by bus and boats from Guyana to Bigi Pan Breakfast +lunch+dinner
Day 10: Bigi Pan – Paramaribo Bigi Pan, bird watching on ‘Bigi Pan’ lake, drive to Paramaribo Breakfast +lunch
Day 11: Suriname – French Guyana/Cayenne Traveling by bus and ferry from Paramaribo to Cayenne Breakfast +lunch
Day 12: Cayenne-Kourou (French Guiana) Visit Devil island in Kourou, sleep in Kourou Breakfast +lunch
Day 13: Kourou- Paramaribo Visit space center, sleep in Paramaribo Breakfast +lunch
Day 14: Paramaribo- Amsterdam-home International flight to Amsterdam Breakfast
Day 15: Arrive home International flight home


Traveling to Guyana only on Fridays.

The program can be changed.

When traveling to Suriname we advise an E visa because you will be entering Suriname more than once.

“Wherever you want to go in the 3 Guianas, Pejego Tours makes it possible!”


Flight to Kaieteur Falls.

Boat and bus transfers.


Airport service in Suriname.

Boat fee to Devil’s Island.

Accommodations during the whole trip.

Meals mentioned in the program.

Activities that are mentioned in the program.


International ticket(s).



Travel insurance.

Alcoholic drinks.


Accommodations during your 15-day trip:

Hotel in Paramaribo: Own room with toilet and bathroom, standard room.

Danpaati River Resort: Own Cabin with toilet and bathroom with cold running water, c-lodge.

Bigi Pan lake: Own room with shared toilet and bathroom and cold running water.

Hotel Guyana: Own room with toilet and bathroom.

Hotel French Guiana: Cayenne and Kourou: Own room with toilet and bathroom.


Yellow fever vaccination card.

Home 9 Welcome to French Guiana! 9 Guyana, Suriname and FRENCH GUIANA tour in 15 days

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